Embracing Zoom to Serve the Jewish Community

Here at the Beth El Mausoleum and in many places around the world, never in our lifetime could we ever have imagined interacting with families who are at-need or want pre-need arrangements via Zoom video conferencing. However, since the Covid-19 pandemic began, everything has changed, and our top priority must be the health and safety of all.

That is why we immediately created the Virtual Beth El Mausoleum, to continue to provide the compassionate services our community has come to expect of us. It is both surreal, yet an amazing comfort for those who need to reach us during a loss or because they have made the decision to make pre-need arrangements and don’t want to hold off. It is a difficult enough choice to select a final resting place, and the longer it is delayed, often the harder it is to take that next step.

“We are using Zoom to meet with individuals, couples and families for everything from making pre-need arrangements to planning funerals as well as the actual funerals,” says Mike Sirowitz, Beth El Mausoleum Director.

When it comes to those who contact us to learn more about the Beth El Mausoleum, Zoom video conference technology provides the opportunity to see Mike on their screen and speak with him face-to-face as if they were in the same room. This is so much more personal than if it was just via a telephone call. If members of your family out of the area wish to participate in this most important decision with you, they too can join in.

“The beauty of this modern, easy-to-use technology allows me to share my screen to show photos and videos, as well as give a virtual tour of our beautiful Mausoleum,“ Mike says.

There is an unexpected silver lining to using Zoom, a service many of us may never have used or perhaps even heard of. It is heartwarming to see how open everyone is to trying it and how successful they are to use it.

Video conferencing this way allows you to ask questions immediately and also, we can connect you with our caring clergy should you have additional pastoral questions.

Mike explains, “After the initial learning curve, the logistics are minimal.  Families have been very appreciative.” Many families he has spoken with had been thinking about coming in to see him a few months ago, and then thought they would not be able to take care of this important matter for themselves and for their families. It is a great comfort to for them to be able to continue their plans to learn more and make this decision, without waiting for our physical doors to open. So many grateful individuals have expressed their thanks for being able to see the Beth El Mausoleum as if they were there. We are equally grateful for this technology that allows us to interact with each person in real-time.

The Beth El Mausoleum of course continues to remain fully operational for funerals and entombments and offer Zoom video services for those who cannot attend due to the restrictions on public gatherings.  

We are available to provide that same level of information and customer service for pre-planning meetings and tours. We continually strive to meet and exceed the needs of the Jewish community during this very difficult time. Please reach out to Mike Sirowitz at any time by calling 561-391-8901 or email him at [email protected] for more information so that we may help you navigate through these important life decisions.

Couple walking with Rabbi Greg Weisman from Temple Beth El Schaefer Family Campus to the Beth El Mausoleum

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is the greatest gift you can give your loved ones.

Couple meeting with the Beth El Mausoleum Director

Immediate Need

A sudden passing can be overwhelming if plans have not been made in advance. There are many decisions and arrangements that must be made.

Bench in the Breezeways of the Beth El Mausoleum

Sacred Spaces

Gated, private and semi-private spaces are available in many locations at the Beth El Mausoleum.