Reflecting on our Family Traditions as we Approach the High Holy Days

As the most sacred season of the year approaches for Jewish people around the

The Jewish LGBTQ+ Community

The Jewish LGBTQ+ Community The Beth El Mausoleum, our Mausoleum Director, Mike Sirowitz and

Jewish Graves: Stones of Remembrance

Jewish Graves: Stones of Remembrance Have you ever wondered how the ancient Jewish tradition
Yahrzeit Candle for Beth El Mausoleum

Keeping the Light Burning: When Do You Light Candles for Yahrzeit and Yizkor?

The ritual of lighting candles is very much a part of many Jewish customs
Mausoleum Promotional Image used in the Celebration of the Light of Chanukah with a Special Gift | December 31, 2021

Beth El Mausoleum Celebrates the Light of Chanukah with a Special Gift before December 31, 2021

It’s time to celebrate the beautiful light of the season as Chanukah, a symbol
Blog post image graphic for the Beth El Mausoleum, "High Holy Day Jewish Traditions: In Memory of Our Loved Ones"

High Holy Day Jewish Traditions: In Memory of Our Loved Ones

Jewish traditions are rich in honoring and memorializing those who have passed away. Learn

Jewish Meals of Condolence & Shiva Food Traditions

There are many Jewish traditions and rituals involving food following the passing of a
Budget for a Funeral Home

Taking the Pressure Off: End-of-Life Financial Planning

End-of-Life Financial Planning Budgeting and planning for your final arrangements and funeral service are
Beth El Mausoleum blog post "Leaning On One Another: Grief Support Groups"

Leaning on One Another: Grief Support Groups

Every heart beats with love for those who mean the most to us.

Writing a Memorable Eulogy

Recently we talked about how to have a meaningful Jewish funeral, offering tips from

Thoughtful Tips for a Meaningful Jewish Funeral Service During the Time of Covid

When we lose a loved one, we are often at a loss for words

Embracing Zoom to Serve the Jewish Community

Here at the Beth El Mausoleum and in many places around the world, never

A Trusted Opinion – Google Reviews for the Beth El Mausoleum

There’s nothing better than word of mouth when it comes to getting the lowdown

Talking to Children and Teens About Death

We all need guidance not only processing our own grief when we lose someone

Why pre-plan your final arrangements?

Life is full of planning and preparation, and planning final arrangements should be no

Why Do Jews Bury in Mausoleums? A Tradition That’s Over 3800 Years Old.

Judaism embraces life and accepts death as a part of life.

Sacred Memories ~ for loved ones laid to rest far away

“After my parents passed away within a year of each other in 2013 and