Frequently Asked Questions | Cremation

That really depends on who you ask. If you ask an Orthodox Rabbi, he will say that cremation is not acceptable. However, within the Reform community, it is very much an acceptable option. Over the last 25 years, it has become increasingly more popular, and there are many reasons why some people may prefer cremation. For one, it’s more economical, a fraction of the cost. Many also feel that it’s more ecological as it takes up less space in an area, particularly when there is limited space available. For those who are concerned about our natural resources, cremation does not have as much of an impact as well, and many feel that it’s even in keeping with the scripture, which does say “dust to dust.” So there are many reasons why people may prefer it. And for those who do, we have many options within our mausoleum, both indoor and outdoor space, all in our newer Phase 3 building, and we’ll have even more space in our new Phase 4 building, which will be built over the next few years.