Frequently Asked Questions | Funeral Service Options

There are several options of location for the funeral service. One option is always crypt- or niche-side, like graveside. It would be held strictly at the site of the entombment. This is generally done when there are very few people in attendance, perhaps just immediate family. It can be done very simply with the Rabbi and just a few guests if desired.

A second option is our mausoleum chapel, located right in the mausoleum itself beneath the 23rd Psalm, which is always part of the service. Of course, we set up a podium for the Rabbi for amplified sound, and chairs are set up for up to 100 people, which is more than enough for most funerals, especially for those who are fortunate enough to live to an old age where funerals tend to be smaller. The mausoleum chapel is available to anyone regardless of whether they are temple members or not.

If we have the unfortunate and tragic loss of someone at a young age or a very prominent member of the community, we do have two larger spaces that are available to accommodate more people. Temple members at the time of loss have the option of any of our spaces, and that would include the Rabbi Merle Singer Sanctuary in our main Temple building, which can seat up to 450 people. If needed, the sanctuary can expand to accommodate up to 1,000 people, but that is strictly reserved for Temple members. A second option for Temple members would be the Beck Family Chapel. This beautiful new chapel offers flexible seating for up to 225 people. Both the Merle Singer Sanctuary and the Beck Family Chapel have state-of-the-art sound and video equipment to accommodate for both one-way live streaming and Zoom funerals, and that is always provided to temple members at no cost. If a non-member wants to use the Beck Family Chapel, there would be a rental fee.

A final option is our beautiful Senville Chapel. That is a small outdoor chapel right in the mausoleum itself in what is known as Phase 1 of the original mausoleum. It’s outdoors but covered, and it is particularly nice during the winter months in Florida when it’s not too hot, and may be more convenient for some based on where their crypt or niche is located. The Senville Chapel is provided for the funeral service at no cost, regardless of whether one is a member or not.