Frequently Asked Questions | I'm Just Not Ready

End of life is a subject that many people avoid, as is funeral preparation. It’s scary, it’s emotional, it’s expensive, and there’s no doubt that this feeling that “It’s just not time, it’s not necessary, there are too many other things that are important right now.”

Those are all valid feelings, but what’s so interesting is that we spend most of our lives preparing for the future. We all know we go to preschool to prepare for elementary school, elementary school to prepare for high school, high school to prepare for college. We go to college to prepare for a career, and we spend most of our careers preparing for retirement. But those are all big question marks. The only thing that is definite, unfortunately, is that we will ultimately all die, and yet, there is a reluctance to prepare for the one thing that is definite. There’s no doubt planning in advance gives comfort, gives security, and a greater sense of peace. If you have any questions on preparations, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.