Frequently Asked Questions: What's Included

A purchase at the Beth El Mausoleum includes everything, except for the casket or urn and required services of a funeral home.

Unlike most, if not all other cemeteries and mausoleums in the area, we do not charge extra for the actual entombment process, which is often referred to as an open-close fee. We also do not charge for the funeral service in our mausoleum, the basic inscription of last name, first name, year of birth, and year of passing, or an unveiling approximately one year after the funeral. We also do not charge sales tax as we are a nonprofit organization, and there are no hidden costs. There are no filing fees, no recording fees, no extra fees at all. In fact, 20% of every purchase is put into a perpetual care fund, which is invested, so we ensure that we will have interest for the lifetime of the mausoleum. We will never use the principle and use only the interest to maintain the mausoleum forever.